Tracking Discourses – Politics identity…

Tracking Discourses – Politics identity…
Tracking Discourses – Politics identity…
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Discourse Theory (DT) and Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) are theoretical traditions that have gained intense research interest in recent decades. Both are concerned with critical studies of politics identity and social change with a focus on issues of power and language yet the dialogue between DT and CDA scholars has been negligible until only recently.

In Tracking Discourses Politics Identity and Social Change twelve researchers explore the opportunities presented by an increased exchange of ideas between the two traditions. The authors examine what closer collaboration could offer both theoretically and empirically in an interdisciplinary context. The Scandinavian reception development and use of DT and CDA are presented for the first time in a concise way.

The studies in Tracking Discourses are of pivotal interest to the practical application of theoretical concepts and the empirical analysis of specific discourses based on one or both of the analytical perspectives. The case studies presented are valuable sources for comparison with similar research undertaken in other countries and contexts.


Sara Carlbaum Umeå University

Annika Egan Sjölander Umeå University

Stephanie Faye Hendrick Umeå University

Jenny Gunnarsson Payne Södertörn University

Joakim Isaksson Umeå University

Anna Johansson Umeå University

Alon Lischinsky Umeå University

David Payne University of Essex UK

Anna Sofia Lundgren Umeå University

Jonathan Ngeh Umeå University

Angelika Sjöstedt Landén Umeå University & Mid Sweden University

Mathias Sylwan Umeå University & University of Gävle

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