Sidén Ann- Sofi Curtain Callers

Sidén Ann- Sofi Curtain Callers
Sidén Ann- Sofi Curtain Callers
Beskrivning av Sidén Ann- Sofi Curtain Callers

The critically acclaimed work Curtain Callers about the collaboration between Ann-Sofi Sidén and Jonathan Bepler is now available in book form. Curtain Callers portrays the processes that form the charged moment when audience and actor meet. How each in a quasi-ritualistic way prepares for the encounter with the other. The actors and the audiences spaces are interspersed with stories: written private and perhaps only rumored. The theater is a never-ending chain of beginnings and endings that reflects humanitys double-edged existence.

The artist Ann-Sofi Sidén and the composer Jonathan Bepler observed the work and processes behind the scenes at the Royal Dramatic Theater in Stockholm at various times. They invited six hundred choir singers who were then directed to play the role of the faithful average audience. By staging and directing the audience its participatory role in the machine that makes up institutional theater is deepened and emphasized. In all arenas of the theater events and processes take place that are like cogs in the huge story-making machinery. Is this a window I am staring out of? Is that what it is? Marie Göranzon asks herself thereby summarizing the big challenge in theaterto portray the outside world and its inner makings. This question is one of the few spoken lines included in the work apart from the voices of the choir and the vocal exercises of the actors. In Curtain Callers the word torrents of the theater are replaced by images of spatial constructions and the remnants of gestures and routines that speak their own language.

Graphic designer Stefania Malmström has successfully reframed the work in book form capturing the visual language of the film and installation and translating it to still images and text in collaboration with Ann-Sofi Sidén.

The title Curtain Callers came about late in the process and refers to the loaded moment at the end of a performance when the actors are applauded and step out from behind the curtain the artist explains adding that the term like the moment itself is full of built-in ambiguity about who it is that is the main attractionis it the actor director make-up artist tailor or the audience? Who is thanking whom?

The essay in the book is by Jörg Heiser co-editor of the art publication Frieze magazine. In his text and study of both works he has introduced a narrative voice a kind of incarnation of the work that talks back clarifying and challenging the claims made by the text.

The book also contains a text by Ann-Sofi Sidén and an interview conducted by Magdalena Malm with Ann-Sofi Sidén and Jonathan Bepler.

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