Egestrand Ulf The Henhouse – Don´t Let Them …

Egestrand Ulf The Henhouse – Don´t Let Them …
Egestrand Ulf The Henhouse – Don´t Let Them …
Beskrivning av Egestrand Ulf The Henhouse – Don´t Let Them …

Do you trust the banking system? More importantly do you trust your own financial understanding?

In The HenHouse global executive Ulf Egestrand simplifies the secrets of the financial markets and gives you the tools to finally feel on the same level with finance professionals – whether you’re coming from a corporate private or public perspective.

No matter how hard you work for your money no matter how much you try to protect your money if you don’t understand the basics of finance you could lose it all. To develop your financial skills protect yourself and opportunities to your advantage you need to understand money.

In this easy-to-read practical and fun guide you will gain:
The confidence to put yourself on equal terms with the bank
Understanding of what is really going on behind the curtain of the financial world
The tools to help you take control of your finances be it personal in your small business or in a larger corporation
A solid workable knowledge of global finance – from banking currency exchange to global exposure – and how to use it

The HenHouse sums up in just 12 lessons the essence of what Mr Egestrand has learned over 40 years of global finance experience gained from working in five countries and on three continents.

The tips used in The HenHouse are universal and can be applied to any size of wealth or business personal or corporate.

Yes you can blame the banks (and they do make mistakes) but in the end it all comes down to this: You are responsible for your own money.

The HenHouse will help you embrace this responsibility with confidence – giving you the tools to make sound financial decisions and above all trust in your own financial understanding.

Ulf Egestrand is Chairman of GMM Global Asset Management one of the world’s leading currency trading hedge funds as well as founder and CEO of TAU Financials a firm specialising in management development and financial training. Mr Egestrand has more than 40 years’ experience in the financial industry spanning five countries and three continents. He formerly held various executive positions at Scania and the Saab Group and was also employed by SEB as a currency and interest trader. He currently lives with his wife in Seoul South Korea.

Mail address: Skype: ulf.bondi Bloggon Finansliv


Before you do anything with your money or your company’s money read this book.

Egestrand simplifies and explains modern finance in an accessible and entertaining way.
-Eirik Winter Managing Director Citigroup Nordic Region

Digestible engaging story about financial risks and opportunities.
-Per Larsson CEO Tornum

The HenHouse neatly distils everything relevant to understanding the essence of finance.
-Torbjörn Olofsson Brummer & Partners

Insightful and exciting. A real page-turner.
-Erik Feldt Wealth Management Nordea

Excellent foundation for building confidence in your dealings with bankers and financial partners. Has great tools to help you identify your financial exposure.
-Magnus Cavalli-Björkman CEO Forex Bank

A relaxed easy and practical way into global finance.
-Jan Gurander Senior Vice President and CFO Volvo Cars

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